Alban is an internationally recognized acoustician, venue planner and designer who has worked on the design of a number of performing art centers around the world.

Alban is currently Executive Director of the Tippet Rise Arts Center where he leads the design, construction and programming of a new performing arts and exhibition center in the middle of the fields of rural Montana, envisioned as a unique destination for the arts connecting audiences with arts and nature and breaking the boundaries between music, sculpture, architecture and land art.

Before becoming the executive director at Tippet Rise, Alban trained at the acoustic and music laboratory IRCAM in Paris, learning specialist skills in 3D immersive sound. He then practiced the design of performance spaces for 15 years at the design and engineering firm Arup in New York and led multi-disciplinary design teams on projects.

Alban is motivated by the transcendent quality of sound that forged his experience while conducting extensive research into renowned historical music spaces at the start of his career. He has since designed and crafted more than 250 acoustical spaces, including the new Stavros Niarchos Opera House in Athens, Greece, the Le Rosey Concert Hall in Switzerland and the new Constellation performing art center in Boston, among others. He also pioneered the ArupSoundLab ground breaking technology allowing the visual and acoustical representation of a space in 3D before its actual construction, facilitating the design optimization of architectural design projects.    

Alban is also recognized at the forefront of installation and performing arts through collaborations with artists interested in breaking the mold of the traditional platforms of representation of the arts, such as James Turrell, Lou Reed, Kristin Johns and Stephen Vitiello. Synthesizing his experience working with artists, Alban has developed an edge for designing truly modern contemporary venue environments such as the new performance space at Brown University in Rhode Island, the Twilight Epiphany in Houston and the pop music center in Taipei.