The acoustics, and much of everything else at Tippet Rise, were masterminded by director and conjuror-in-chief Alban Bassuet, who channelled the Halsteads’ fantasies into wood, gravel, pipes and power. They wanted rolling hills; he looped the roads around them. They wanted the ideal venue for chamber music; he started with the dimensions of the music room at Esterhazy, the palace in rural Hungary where Haydn spent much of his career. They wanted big sculptures; he made sure they could be built. Born in France and a New Yorker of 17 years, Bassuet began working on the project as an acoustician at the engineering behemoth Arup, then moved his family and his allegiances to Montana. He shares the Halsteads’ infectious belief in land and art as sacred springs of self-renewal, Ariella Budick - Financial Times

Acoustic and Theater Design

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