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Design Studios

RISD - Interior Architecture Department

Sonic Design in Architecture - Since 2022

Architectural design for sound, soundscaping, Spatial Audio Lab, history of music spaces, physics of sound, sound modeling, Rhino/Grasshopper

Advanced Computing: Digital Fabrication - 2020

Parametric design, Grasshopper+, Structures, Objects, Gridshells, Optimization, Performative Design

Adaptative Reuse of the Cranston Street Armory - 2019

Conversion of the Rhode Island State Armory into an arts and culture facility

RISD – Architecture

Performance Materials + Performance Spaces - 2017

Pavilion and recital hall design projects using composite material

RISD – Industrial Design

Advanced CAD – Rhino/Grasshopper Winter Session - 2018

RISD – All Department

Participative Exhibition Design - 2018

Main Lectures

Defining New Platforms of Presentation for the Visual and Performing Arts

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Music, Architecture and Acoustics

The Shaping of Architecture from Sound Principles: Performance/Perception Based Design, Form-Finding, Reverse Engineering


Typologies of Arts and Culture Spaces

Physics of Room Acoustics and Perception of Sound in Music Spaces

Sound Spatialization for Architectural Design and Sound Art Installation

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