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Arts in the Wilderness, Michael Webb, Mark Magazine #64, November 2016

In Montana's Beartooth Mountains, a Seductive New Arts Complex Beckons, Justin Davidson, Travel+Leisure, December 21, 2016

Portals to another dimension: What on earth is happening in Montana's Wild WestJay Merrick, Independent, October 2016

Le Rosey, Ovni Futuriste, Julian Sykes, Le Temps September 2014

Montana's Tippet Rise: shown on the range, Sculpture, Schubert and wide-open spaces at an arts centre with a difference, Ariella Budick, Financial Times, August 2016

America's new 11,500-acre Wild West Sculpture Park, Tippet Rise is Bringing Large-Scale Art and Live Music to a Massive Expansive Big Sky country, Rachel Syme, Surface Magazine, May 2016.

Tippet Rise Art Center Combines Architecture, Art, Music and Mountains in Montana, Robert Landon, Archdaily July 2016.

Balancing Act: On a majestic landscape in Montana, Ensamble Studio creates a group of enigmatic sculptural works for Tippet Rise Art Center, David Hill, Architectural Record, August 2016.

Tippet Rise Art Center opens a cattle ranch in a rural Montana, dezeen magazine, July 2016.

Musical Destinations - Heading Out On The Ranch Tippet Rise: US, Jeremy Pound, BBC Music Magazine, March 2017.

The Tippet Rise Art Center, Talent imagination, and philanthropy collaborate in the creation of a fine-tuned new arts project near Fishtail, Montana, Christene Meyers, Big Sky Journal, August 2016.

Tippet Rise Art Center, Montana, A place where art, performance and nature collide in a magical way, Katie Olsen, Cool Hunting, July 2016.

11,500 Acres of Montana Rancland Host Sculptures and Music at Tippet Rise, Annie Block, August 2016.

Behind Tippet Rise, The Wild West's New Art Destination, Laura van Straaten, artnet, July 2016.

Tippet Rise Art Center Opens to the Public, Architect Magazine, June 2016.

Montana Grandeur Cues Harmony Of Music, Sculpture, Nancy Malitz, Classical Voice America, July 2016.

Forging a New festival In and Inspired by the Mountains, Amanda Angel, WQXR, May 2016.

Artists turn Montana ranch into a vast open-air sculpture and music centre, Gabriella Angeleti, The Art Newspaper, April 2016.

Arup and Gunnstock Finalize Tiara Bandshell at Tippet Rise, Designboom, 2015.

Carnal Hall at Le Rosey, Architizer, 2014.


The Design of a Medium-Sized Concert Hall for Large Symphonic Orchestra: Case Study Le Rosey Concert Hall, Proceeding of Institute of Acoustics, Paris, 2015.

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